Distance Slimming Support

If you don’t have a class near you or a consultant, WOW Weight off Workshops Ltd can still help you to lose weight.

We have various packages to suit you and you can decide how much support you want.

WOW Assessment and Pack £49.00

We will send you a questionnaire (via email or post) which you will complete, and then we will give you an assessment and advice based on your answers and post you a weight loss pack. This will contain our core eating plan and you will be given personalised goals, advice and information.

Ongoing support

This can be either weekly telephone chat for 20 mins or weekly emails.

We can discuss your food diary, your weight loss, any issues you are having and anything else you wish to use the session for. Follow up information can be emailed relating to your issues or for ideas and suggestions.

Weight loss support credits are sold in multiples of 4; you can use them as you wish, either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when you need them. You decide when to use them, just give us 5-7 days notice to book you in for your call if you would like telephone support. You can buy 4, 8 or 12 credits at a time.

4 credits = £28.00

8 credits = £50.40

12 credits= £75.60

Contact us to start your weight loss campaign today

You will receive personalised support and advice, not generated by a computer!

If you wish to proceed we will invoice you and on receipt of your payment we will send you the questionnaire and get your weight loss moving.

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