Mindset-Is your brain ready to slim?

Starting a healthy new diet is easier if you get into the right mind-set. So before you get started or restarted (!!) lets look at the following 10 points to check you are ready to get going to make some changes.


  1. You accept your cravings
  2. You are not afraid to ask for what you want
  3. You wont let others put you off
  4. You can cope with the odd slip up
  5. You’ve got realistic goals
  6. You wont skip meals
  7. You’ll see the good in small changes
  8. You can imagine being slim
  9. You want to be healthy as well as slim
  1. You know you’ll do it THIS TIME


You accept your cravings

The whole notion of forbidden foods is mad! We all know that as soon as something is put out of bounds we want it even more. So if you really love crisps but ban them from your diet you’re sure to end up eating them even more than usual and hating yourself for it. It’s better to build crisps into your free choice calories so you don’t feel deprived. Learn to stop at 1 pack.

You’re not afraid to ask for what you want

It’s worth going out of your way a little to get the meals you want. For instance there’s no point in having a salad drowning in oil in a restaurant when a simple request for it to be left off will save you fat & calories. If you are eating at someone’s house don’t be afraid to ask for smaller portions. Fill your plate with lots of veg and no one will think you are depriving yourself. There’s no point letting shyness spoil all your good intentions


You wont let others put you off

For every person trying to improve their health & describes the wonderful support they’ve had from friends and family there’s another who tells you how everyone they knew tried to undermine their efforts. You know the sort of thing, the friends who say you look great as you are, and the husband who raises an eyebrow when he hears you are trying to lose weight again. Don’t let them put you off. They may need to lose some weight themselves, they may be jealous that you seem so confident this time or they may be afraid that if you’re changing your diet you may want to change other things too- and that may include them!

Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

You can cope with the odd slip up

We all set off with very best of intentions but you must aim for 80/20 rule. Eating well 80% of the time and the other 20% doesn’t matter. Otherwise one minute you’re congratulating yourself on doing so well today then someone brings in a cream cake into work for their birthday. Now the temptation is to think you might as well give up completely now you have eaten it and ‘broken your diet’. This cake won’t make you pile the weight back on –just don’t use it as a trigger to go back to your old eating habits. Get back on your normal diet cutting back slightly on your next meal if it makes you feel better. Remember everything in moderation you are not on a diet!

You’ve got realistic goals

If you’re 5’ 3 and a pear shape you are never going to have a supermodel figure (who wants to look like one of them anyway). We’ve all got to work with what we have. Make sure you do some exercise to tone up your body and make sure the weight you want to be is realistic. Make your health the number 1 priority not your looks!

You won’t skip meals

This is the worst way to try and speed up your weight loss. You must eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Skipping meals causes it to plummet leaving you feeling tired and miserable. Then you turn to high sugar food for an instant hit. Aim to have 3 meals per day with a small snack in between (such as piece of fruit)

You’ll see the good in small changes

Trying to lose weight is daunting and takes time and patience. You must learn to box clever and enjoy each improvement feeling your waistbands get looser, skin becoming clearer more energy, feeling better in yourself. Appreciating these small gains help you to stay motivated to keep up with your new habits.

You can imagine being slim

Sit down and think about what it would be like to slim. How would it feel to run for a bus without getting out of breath? How would it feel to tuck your blouse into your waistband again? How please would you feel to buy clothes in a smaller size

Try and think of 10 good things about being slim and write them down

Keep reading them so if you get a day when your willpower is fading look at them and you will remember why you are doing this

You want to be healthy as well as slim

Being thin isn’t everything. Being fit and eating well is more important. Think about healthy eating as much as dieting and you’ll shed weight while you eat well. And you will keep it off as your new habits will stay with your forever-not just when you’re losing weight.

You know you’ll do it this time

Make the change-you will never regret it and stay with it!


Think about last year. It’s too easy to think, I didn’t reach the weight I wanted I am a failure; I can’t do this and help yourself to another slice of cake.

But if you stop and think about it you have probably achieved more than you think!

What healthy eating and lifestyle goals did you achieve?

This might be a small change e.g. having no butter, reducing sugar or a bigger one like taking up some form of regular exercise.

Note all the changes you can think of that you made last year:

Hopefully that has made you feel like you have already achieved something. You’re not a failure.

Next you need to make a plan of what changes you can make in the next 2 months to your current lifestyle & eating habits. Be specific and be realistic-

3-4 items are all you need for now.

Think about the following questions-not for too long-go with the first number that comes you’re your head

Out of 10 how would you rate your current health and wellbeing?

Out of 10 how would you rate your ability to make changes to improve your health?

Out of 10 how committed are you?

A good reason to make changes to my current lifestyle/eating habits:

A positive statement about myself:

Something I can reward myself with if I have made those changes I stated above within the  2 months (non food)


What about if I gave you a cheque for £25,000? Then would you do it? Would you start to make changes, listen to advice, following the eating plan and start some regular exercise if £25,000 were at stake? Of course you would! But you have a greater reward than what money can buy-

£££££ Your health and well-being ££££££££

Being overweight and unhealthy is horrible, it makes you look horrible and feel horrible doesn’t it?

Being slim isn’t the answer to all your problems but if you improve your eating habits your health will be better, you will feel better about yourself and in turn this gives you the tools to deal with other problems better.

I want you to take the encouragement I can give you, with both hands

I want you to work for change as if there was £25,000 at stake.

With the effort you put in I can guarantee you will be well rewarded.

½ stone makes a difference to your self esteem, 1 stone improves your health whatever your starting weight & takes you down a clothes size at 2 stone people will notice.

Small steps make a big difference

So take a stand and give this some determined attitude.

There are no quick fixes to solving a weight problem but you are already making an effort to deal with it by being here.

Just focusing on weight loss alone is not the answer; you must focus on feeling better, less lethargic, more energy and better skin.

Take each day as it comes, work at it. Ask for help and don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not 100% all the time, no one ever is. All difficulties can be overcome. It requires a bit of thought and a bit of planning, & it’s important to develop strategies to deal with problems.

Don’t make up excuses, be positive.

Here is a summary of what you should be trying to achieve each week:

  1. To eat 5 or more portions of fruit and veg each day-helps prevent cancer and improves immune system.
  2. To eat a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates- refer to eating plan. Protein for cell renewal & will help satisfy hunger – Carbs for energy. Go for brown whenever possible.
  3. To take up some form of exercise 3-4 times a week.
  4. To eat less processed foods and eat more food which is as nature intended.
  5. To spend time relaxing and enjoying other activities apart from eating.
  6. To listen to advice and accept support.
  7. Not to be obsessed with what the scales say but to focus on health and well being.
  8. To try and look at all the changes as a positive step.
  9. Not to ban foods, merely limiting them which you find addictive or detrimental to your health.
  10. To live for today!

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