Weight off Workshops has been established since 2005, and previously was known as Herts Slimming Clubs from 2001. So we have a programme you can trust which we know works – check out our success stories page for more information.

All of our clients go through the WOW programme. When joining WOW our programme takes you through the following stages:

Phase 1-Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Your consultant will make recommendations leading to improved health and weight loss based on your answers on a personal health and lifestyle assessment. When attending any workshops you will need to complete Personal questionnaire re medical history, existing eating habits, lifestyle, job, current exercise, weight, body shape etc. Your consultant will then develop a plan made of small step changes– that is not too dramatic but has small yet significant changes e.g. portion control, adding more fruit, exercise

Phase 2 -Improved health and well being and weight loss

Each week you will need to complete a food and lifestyle diary. At the start you will be given 2/3 easier objectives and you will be given support to achieve these. It is Optional to weigh in. This is because too much emphasis is placed on the weigh on and we want to teach you to become more in tune with your body. You will continue to be given new aims and objectives. Your progress will be monitored. At weekly workshops we provide focused topics and talks that combine to share all the required information over, 52 different talks a year which builds the clients knowledge on nutrition and good habits to sustain for life. 1-2-1 clients will also have a programme to follow which is bespoke to them.

Phase 3 – The maintenance Phase – Maintaining Good Health & weight control

Once the desired weight & optimum health has been achieved, we work with client to maintain this. We begin a maintenance plan gradually increasing calories required to maintain a healthy weight, to stop weight loss, usually done by the method of gradual increase of food intake with certain foods

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support FOREVER. You can attend a class for FREE when you stay within your chosen weight (range +_ 7lbs), if you go over this all you do is pay until you are back within your weight range. Clients can attend as little or as often as they choose for reminders and ongoing support

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