A reason or an excuse?

Lets think about some of the reasons why we don’t lose weight. It’s important to consider the reasons why we find losing weight difficult.

When I see clients here are some of things people say to me when they haven’t lost weight, offering a reason why. But are these reasons or excuses?

  • Didn’t feel well
  • Kids were off school
  • Felt really bloaty and just wanted to pick
  • Couldn’t get into it this week
  • Due on
  • Changed my pill
  • Didn’t have time to cook
  • Cooker broke down
  • Having new kitchen fitted
  • Had to work late
  • It’s my birthday
  • Its someone else’s birthday
  • Helped a friend move
  • Cat died
  • Dog died
  • Having tests for suspected thyroid problems (no problem detected)
  • Think I might be allergic to wheat (none detected)
  • Went away for the weekend

These are just a few I could have added loads more. Remember I have been doing this job for 16 years!

But are these reasons or excuses? What is the difference?

Lets explore some of them.

You gain weight and think it’s because you went out for a meal. This is not a reason it’s an excuse, that one meal didn’t make you gain weight, the bad food choices you made were and what you ate in the days after that meal.

Your cooker broke down, that is not a reason for losing weight, it’s an excuse to stuff your face on takeaways and again you over ate and didn’t make good choices.

Your pet dies. Did your beloved pet ask you to comfort eat before it died? Will a cream cake, crisps or a bottle of wine make your pet come back to life? And before you say it helped cheer you up, did it really? You have doubled the sadness as you will feel upset when you gain weight.

Do you think the reason you have a weight problem is a health issue. I know many slimmer who have gone for test after test trying to find a reason for their weight problem. Over-active thyroid problems are rare, over-active hand to mouth conditions are much more common.

In fact all of these reasons are not reasons at all, they are excuses. You must learn to face up to the truth. Think about a common sense strategy for every excuses and learn to use them instead of the excuse!

There are very few reasons other than overeating or drinking which you can use when you don’t lose weight,

Many people think they don’t eat much. Picture the following in your head

  • 2 bits of toast with jam and butter (300)
  • A mars bar (295)
  • A tuna mayo sandwich (500)
  • A packet of Mcoy crisps (230)
  • A chicken tikka massala with rice (700)
  • 3 white wines (300)

How many calories? Approx 2300

But not a lot of food though really is it?

Think about what you drink and what you eat.

There is no reason to gain weight if you follow the advice, the eating plan and listen to your body. You are making excuses to hide the fact that you just couldn’t be bothered to do that. You need to learn to be honest with yourself – it’s a great step in the right direction to helping solve your problems with food. So push yourself forward learn to overcome obstacles and have a good week no excuses.

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