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Losing the weight has really changed my life, I have so much energy. I don’t feel so self conscious, when I’m out people definitely talk to me more, when you’re overweight you feel invisible which is something I no longer experience. I can now buy ordinary clothes not just baggy tops and stretch trousers, I feel very overwhelmed at my achievement and very proud. To me it’s like a dream and I still can’t believe I’ve really done it.

Lost 5 Stone

I didn’t deny myself treats just accounted for them in my free choice calories. I had suffered with high cholesterol and high blood pressure before I lost weight, losing almost 3 stone has reduced this. I feel better and have much more energy than before. I feel great and I am proof that there is no age barrier to losing weight. I have maintained my weight since as I still keep an eye on my portions sizes

Lost 3 Stone

I tried everything to lose weight and found losing weight with WOW so easy when it was all explained. I loved the recipes, ideas and inspiration and really enjoy healthy meals now and have learned to limit snacking and sugary foods. I feel so healthy and have so much more energy now

Lost 4 1/2 Stone

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